Willing to consider a new strategy? A way to win more of your market share? Willing to learn the 5 forces that all companies compete against in the market? Have the sales team to handle the increase of valuable in market LEADS?

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Let us show you how to beat the 5 Forces of Competition for Profits:

There are 5 competitive forces every company competes against for profits :
  1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Google & Facebook
  2. Direct Competitors: Rivals
  3. Indirect Competitors: Alternatives/Substitutes
  4. Bargaining Power of Buyers: request for more value, lower price or both
  5. Threats of New Entrants

MSA Strategy: 

  • Profit or being the best? Goal is PROFIT
  • Strategy is defined as a way to win…in this case winning is PROFIT 
  • Each market has a finite amount of PROFITS
  • Define what % of the profits in your marketplace are you currently winning?
  • Do you have a winning strategy, losing strategy or a not winning enough strategy?
    • Beating the 5 Forces every company competes against for PROFITS
    • Aligning Resources in order to compete 
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Now you have the control to sell what you sell to those individuals who are online right now looking for what you have to offer. No more guessing to find the needles in the hay stack. Hit your Target In market audience and get a much greater ROI with My Smart Ads.

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