Willing to consider a new strategy ( a way ) to win more of your market share? Willing to learn the 5 forces that all companies compete against in the market? Have the sales team to handle the increase of valuable in market LEADS.

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Let us show you how to beat the 5 Forces of Competition for Profits:

There are 5 competitive forces every company competes against for profits :
  1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Google & Facebook
  2. Direct Competitors: Rivals
  3. Indirect Competitors: Alternatives/Substitutes
  4. Bargaining Power of Buyers: request for more value, lower price or both
  5. Threats of New Entrants

MSA Strategy: 

  • Profit or being the best? Goal is PROFIT
  • Strategy is defined as a way to win…in this case winning is PROFIT 
  • Each market has a finite amount of PROFITS
  • Define what % of the profits in your marketplace are you currently winning?
  • Do you have a winning strategy, losing strategy or a not winning enough strategy?
    • Beating the 5 Forces every company competes against for PROFITS
    • Aligning Resources in order to compete 
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Now you have the control to sell what you sell to those individuals who are online right now looking for what you have to offer . NO more guessing to find the needles in the hay stack. Hit your Target In market audience and get a much greater ROI .

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