Google/Facebook Look-Alike Match 

What it is: 

Platforms like Facebook and Google have the ability to expand your targeting reach by creating “lookalike” audiences — audiences that “look like” a “seed” audience. For lookalike audiences to be effective, you must first give the platform a dataset that it can use to find MORE people who match the commonalities you specify.

What it does: 

Lookalike matches expand your targeting reach exponentially. It gives you the ability to take a highly targeted seed audience of only a few hundred people and find thousands more who share the same behavior patterns.

How it works:

Because MSA leads are based on real-time BEHAVIORS, not demographics and not probabilistic data but DETERMINISTIC data, the commonalities that the platforms analyze to create the lookalike audience are laser-focused.

For example, when Google or Facebook analyze your MSA Targeting list, their algorithms will quickly determine the behaviors those prospects are exhibiting and share (keyword searches, URL-level navigation, social behavior, etc.) center around one thing — they’re in the market for the product or service you sell.

Once this is determined, it’s easy for them to provide even more prospects who are exhibiting those same behaviors.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: 

It’s simple… the better the input (In market Leads), the better the output (Laser-Focused Lookalikes).

What is the result of this advantage:

Because Facebook and Google run on relevancy algorithms, meaning that you’re rewarded for showing ads that are highly relevant to your target audience, your cost per click and cost per acquisition will drop. When that happens, your profits go up.

What will you gain from this advantage: 

You will be able to leverage two of the world’s largest advertising platforms, and do it for 25%-75% less than anyone else.


Data-Driven Insight Technology that Drives Higher Profits

  • MSA Permanent Targeting 

What it isMSA gives you ownership of your targeting data. It is not cookie-based. It is people-based and never expires.

What it does: Allows you to own and control the conversation with a prospect when, where, how and how often a conversation happens.

How it does it: By using deterministic data, we’re able to track real people. We know who they are. Once we know who they are, cookies no longer matter. A custom audience can be created from this data on every major ad platform at any time.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: Our targeting never expires. Cookies do.

What is the result of this advantage: With cookie-based targeting, your campaigns must take place within a specific time window — the length of time before a cookie expires and your prospect essentially vanishes. This forces you into a sales cycle dictated not by what makes the most sense from a marketing standpoint, but by what is required by a cookie.

What will you gain from this advantage: The ability to market to your prospects anytime, anywhere, according to your schedule, not an ad platform’s schedule.

  • MSA Portable Targeting

What it is: MSA targeting files are delivered in a format that every major advertising platform accepts. They can also be used in email campaigns, and offline for direct mail and outbound phone calls.

What it does: Unlocks the data you need to target the only people who matter. It eliminates “walled gardens” — platforms that only allow you to target prospects from THEIR data on THEIR platform.

How it does it: Just as with permanent targeting, because we’re using deterministic data, we’re able to track the real-time behavior of real people. We know who these people are. Once we know who they are, the platform becomes irrelevant. A custom audience can be created from this data on every major ad platform, and even taken offline, depending on your marketing strategy.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: Owning the data allows you to be “platform agnostic.” Most companies rely very heavily, if not exclusively, on one or two advertising channels. This makes you very susceptible to changes in terms and conditions of powerful suppliers like Google or Facebook.

MSA allows you to take your message to your prospects wherever they are. This is what true omni-channel marketing is all about.

What is the result of this advantage: It puts control of your marketing in your hands and your hands alone.

What will you gain from this advantage: A way to beat one of the 5 Forces Competing for Your Profits — powerful suppliers.

  • MSA Transparent Targeting

What it is: 100% Sales Match Accountability, which means full ad-spend attribution.

 What it does: We can track your prospects from ad to click to site visit to sale, whether that sale occurs through an online channel or offline.

How it does it: By resolving the identity of prospects, you’re able to fully account for any sale, no matter which channel they come from.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: With most targeting, because it’s anonymous, you don’t truly know who your prospects are. When you don’t know who they are, you can’t have full accountability. MSA gives you the ability to know who your prospects are thanks to identity resolution.

What is the result of this advantage: The ability to track every marketing dollar spent and accurately measure its effectiveness.

What will you gain from this advantage: Since you can’t improve what you don’t measure, without 100% sales match accountability, you can’t improve marketing that isn’t working. As a result, you wind up wasting Ad spend on marketing effort that aren’t as profitable and spending less Ad spend on marketing that generate substantial profits.

  • Owning vs. Paying on Usage

Once MSA data is in your hands, it’s yours, forever. You pay once and use it as many times as you like. When you own the data you use to target your prospects, you no longer pay

1) inflated prices for targeting data that are built in to your click costs  

2) The data costs each and every time you run a campaign.

  • Top of Mind: Memory

What it is: You have seen 100 ads in the last 24 hours. Name 1. Repetition and Memory are critical to getting conversion. People cannot act on what they don’t remember.

What it does: Consistently advertising to your best prospects ensures that they will remember you when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

 How it does it: It gives you the ability to consistently present, support and cement your value proposition in the mind of your prospect.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: When you are forced to advertise to the haystack in search of the needles, you are wasting resources trying to be top of mind. With MSA technology you focus your ad spend and resources to be top of mind with the people who matter .

What is the result of this advantage: When you know how to reach the needles and can ignore the haystack, you can afford to consistently focus your resources where, and only where, they matter.

What will you gain from this advantage: The ability to affordably have prospects remember who you are at the crucial moment they’re ready to tender a yes.


  • Real Time Pre-Purchase Buying Behavior

What it is: Buyers exhibit similar patterns of behavior prior to purchase. They perform similar searches, visit similar URLs and consume similar content all in the pursuit of education about the problem they’re trying to solve. That’s pre-purchase behavior.

What it does: By knowing what to look for, we’re able to identify prospects all along the “path to purchase.” This allows you to reach prospects at the very beginning of the “Buyer’s Journey,” when you have the opportunity to frame their perspective of the choices they have.

How it does it: We track URL-level behavior, keyword searches, content consumption, social behavior, campaign response and buying behavior, all of which is fed into our AI, to make a prediction about who is in the market for any product or service.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: Targeting by demographics or other “soft” data is not targeting someone’s behavior. You cannot make a prediction that two people who fit the same profile are in the market for the same thing. Behavior is all that matters when making an In Market prediction.

What is the result of this advantage: You’re getting the only true and accurate targeting technology that can actually predict buyer intent at every stage of their search.

What will you gain from this advantage: Frame control. When you’re first to reach a new prospect, you’re able to drive the conversation in their mind from the beginning. You can define the buying criteria in such a way that every other option they consider is compared against the value you can provide.

*You will know what your competitors do not.


  • Machine Learning: Closed Loop Analysis

What it is: Allows us to measure our predictions against what actually occurred.

What it does: Predictions by themselves are useless. Predictions with measured outcomes are priceless. We measure outcomes to improve our predictions.

How it does it: As your campaigns run using our data, our machine learning algorithm self-adjusts in real-time for every individual client to auto-optimize its targeting and conversion profiles, resulting in a prediction engine that improves and becomes more accurate over time.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: All of the factors that led to a purchase can’t be measured by anything other than AI. So if you’re not using AI to improve your predictions, any opportunity you have to make your marketing more effective comes down to chance.

What is the result of this advantage: Your targeting consistently improves. You know what’s working and what isn’t…all the time.

What will you gain from this advantage: Better predictions, lower cost per acquisition and higher profits.

  • Conversion Behavior Profile

What it is: The pattern of behavior a buyer of a product or service exhibits along the path to purchase.

What it does: When you know what buyers have done (a Conversion Behavior Profile), you can predict what those who have yet to buy should be doing (a Path to Purchase). By knowing what to look for, MSA can spot prospects who are on that Path to Purchase and tell you who they are.

How it does it: MSA software tracks 250 + million people and accumulates 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. We then apply machine learning to sort through all of the data we collect to spot those patterns being repeated across the billions of behavioral data points we collect every day.

Why is this feature an advantage over what you’re currently doing: Because it models the behavior of past buyers to predict the behavior of future buyers, it is more accurate than any other type of targeting in being able to spot those most likely to buy now.

What is the result of this advantage: You focus your marketing efforts where it matters most — those prospects who are on the Path to Purchase.

What will you gain from this advantage: Greater return on marketing spend as all of your resources are focused only on those prospects who are looking to buy.

                                           MSA + YOUR COMPANY = PROFITS

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